dat animated ass
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i think my last sim looks a lot like lana del rey so fuck it im just gonna make lana del rey

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First Follower’s Gift: Starfruit ND Skin




You guys are awesome and I can’t thank everyone enough for the warm welcome to the Simblr Community.  I wanted to share something special for my first follower’s gift.  This is the first skintone, heck first piece of custom content really, that I’ve ever released.

The face actually started as en edit of MCalero’s Asian Faces, but has had a dozen textures blended into it combined with a heavy dose of hand-painting to morph into an entirely new thing. There are quite a few beautiful Asian skintones out there, but I wanted something created with South Asian/Polynesian features and coloring in mind. 

There’s more info and download links behind the cut! There are some uncensored full body pictures as well, so keep that in mind before clicking forward:

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I think this will quickly become my favourite skin

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